The 4C’s

Choosing Your Ideal Cut


Each cut possesses an unparalleled character and charm, making it a captivating masterpiece. We take great pleasure in assisting you in choosing the perfect silhouette that effortlessly captures your imagination, transforming it into a scintillating statement on your finger.


The cut of a diamond determines its shape and is extremely important to its overall beauty. Our diamond cutters and polishers are among the best in the world and they apply their skills to craft perfectly balanced silhouettes and symmetrical mirror-like facets that display optimum scintillation.


Carat, the unit of measurement denoting a diamond’s weight, serves as a testament to the grandeur of our exceptional gems. With precision and artistry, we meticulously select and showcase diamonds that exude magnificence and grandeur, capturing the essence of unrivaled opulence.


For their unrivaled quality, the most esteemed white diamonds are cherished for their nearly colorless purity. Each diamond meticulously selected and curated, embodies the epitome of pristine elegance, captivating connoisseurs with its radiant luminosity. Experience the allure of our remarkable collection, where the most highly regarded white diamonds illuminate every moment with unparalleled grace and timeless beauty.


Clarity, a measure encompassing the presence of inclusions and surface blemishes, accentuates the flawless beauty of our diamonds. Many of our diamonds attain the pinnacle of flawlessness, while others showcase minuscule inclusions that remain imperceptible to the unaided eye. With meticulous precision, we curate a collection where each FLORI diamond radiates a pristine brilliance, captivating hearts with its immaculate clarity.

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The FLORI family has dedicated themselves to the artistry of craftingdiamonds of exceptional beauty, rarity, and perfection

The FLORI Uniqueness

From the moment a rough diamond enters our hands, we embark on a journey of precision and artistry, delicately shaping it into a gem that will captivate hearts and stand the test of time. Our diamonds are imbued with a legacy of excellence and crafted to be cherished for generations.

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