MDI Certification


MDI Certification

FLORI Diamonds presents a truly remarkable experience in diamond quality and ownership—an
exquisite masterclass in luxury. We recognize the significance of selecting a flawless piece of jewelry,
and thus, we take immense pride in offering our esteemed clientele the prestigious Masters of
Diamonds Institute (MDI) certificate from the United States of America. This distinguished certificate
serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that our discerning
customers receive a product of unparalleled distinction—uniquely crafted, authentic, and rightfully

The Certificate

The MDI certificate, a hallmark of utmost prestige, unveils an opulent world of comprehensive diamond information. With meticulous attention to detail, it showcases the diamond’s extraordinary attributes, including its refined type, exquisite carat weight, captivating color, mesmerizing clarity, and impeccable cut. At FLORI Diamonds, we celebrate the artistry of luxury, empowering you to make an informed choice, confident in the unparalleled quality and exceptional beauty that accompanies every MDI- certified creation.

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